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Types of market research

Reaching a large audience in one fell swoop with your marketing expression is what you do with commercials for television, radio or outdoor advertising. Hugely valuable, but is it effective? With commercialreview, you pre-test or post-test whether and how your commercial scores with your target audience. What works and what absolutely does not? Draw your own data-based conclusions, and make targeted adjustments for maximum results. You start the different types of market research yourself and the data is visible in your personal, online dashboard. 

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Brand research

With brand research, you analyze how well your brand is doing with your target audience. But you also measure whether you are meeting your own KPIs. All insights are packaged in clear analytics and filterable dashboards. Setting up your brand research can be done in just a few moments. This is where we are happy to help. Then data collection begins and you have instant insight through our live dashboards.

Customizable market research

You decide which KPIs you want to measure your brand by and how often you want to do this type of market research. Examples of common factors:

We visualize the results of your brand research in comprehensible overviews. So you can easily get your own learnings from the dashboards and discover new opportunities.

Why commercialreview.nl?

Do you believe, as we do, that it should go without saying that you know what effect your commercial expression is going to have and whether it is relevant to your target audience? If so, we would be happy to help you spend your marketing budget as effectively as possible.

Transparent and no lock-in

No hidden costs and all your data under your own control. If you want to leave, you can export all your data.

Self-service platform

You analyze the results of your research from your own dashboard. Avoid unnecessary consulting.


If you do need advice, we are of course happy to help you come up with the design and analyses based on our vast experience.

Large reach

Access to 300,000+ panelists in the Netherlands and Belgium

Objective and independent

As an independent research firm, we are completely objective and independent.


One of the largest commercial databases in the Netherlands and therefore many benchmark options: your own previous commercials, platform, industry and other benchmarks.

Campaign research: to measure is to know

Want to measure the effect of your marketing campaign? With our platform, you can pre-test and post-test all expressions of your campaign.  After all, you do want to know how or whether your campaigns are achieving their stated goals. commercialreview allows you to easily start and analyze your own campaign surveys. Knowing how well your campaign is doing compared to competitors, your old campaigns or an average of your industry.     Benchmarking is quite possible, because we have one of the largest databases of Dutch commercials.


We want any company or marketing professional to be able to control insights around brand development without having to set up complex and costly projects to do so. Everything is set up so that each user can easily and quickly get started on their own. Consultancy is often no longer necessary as a result. 

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References about commercialreview

Maarten Post

Maarten Post

Head of Marketing & Communications HORNBACH
“For a couple of years now, we've partnered with commercialreview to gain more insight into our commercials and campaigns by testing, benchmarking and comparing them to older commercials. Thus, with the help of the data and dashboards, we get quick and clear insight into how our campaigns are rated.”
Deborah Klein

Deborah Klein

Sr. Campaign Manager Theme & Brand, Kruidvat:
“commercialreview is an accessible platform to inexpensively test our television commercial creations. The outcomes are conveniently reported in our own company dashboard.”
Luca Bade

Luca Bade

Manager Campaign Management
“commercialreview quickly gives us interesting insights into how the latest TVC compares to the market, benchmarks and – importantly – our own campaigns. The platform is very accessible, easy to read in terms of data and user friendly.”

Combination of campaign and brand research

The combination of brand and campaign research adds even greater value: you can see the effects of campaigns on the brand and self-imposed brand values in a single overview. 

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Research methods for market research

Over the years, we have built our own panel, giving us a large pool of respondents over which we have control. In addition, there are integrations with external panels, making the total reach about 300,000 Dutch people. We also have a large reach in Belgium (Flanders and Wallonia) and is expandable to about 20 other countries.

To ensure the quality of your market research, we do regular spot checks and remove respondents who do not meet quality requirements.

Sign up now

Want to have your advertisement or commercial tested? Sign up easily online. All you have to do is upload your file(s) and set your research method. After a check by our specialists, data collection begins. Want to first discuss what suits your brand or organization? Then please contact us. We are happy to advise you!

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