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Filling out surveys for money

Want to make money by giving your opinion? You can! At commercialreview, you are able to give your opinion on various marketing communications such as television commercials, radio commercials or outdoor advertising from leading brands. Taking surveys and earning gift cards is easily done through our platform.






Saved coins

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With your opinion (review), you save commercialcoins that you can redeem in our gift shop for gift vouchers. Reviewing takes an average of one minute per survey. The coin symbol at the bottom left of a commercial shows whether there are coins to be earned and how many. New commercials are added regularly where you can earn points.

You can register for our savings program within two minutes. We always ask for some basic information such as date of birth, gender and the digits of your zip code, which we store and use for data analysis. The personal data itself is never shared with companies and advertisers. They can only see aggregated and anonymized data.

Read the general terms for the savings program here.

Benefits of reviewing at commercialreview

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Decide how often you want to participate

As a member of our panel, you are completely free to choose how often you participate in a survey. Whether you complete a few surveys for money daily, weekly or every month: you are in control. You can participate in up to 10 surveys per hour. This keeps it fun for you and allows us to ensure the quality of the answers. A win-win!

Don't want to miss a single commercial? Then sign up for the newsletter. You will receive an update from us listing the latest commercials up to twice a month.

Want to start reviewing right away?

Start as a reviewer today. Within a few clicks, your account is ready and you can earn gift cards with various surveys. Do you have questions about our methods, commercialcoins or anything else? Please feel free to contact us. Our team is at your service.