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About us

commercialreview is the data-driven platform that enables thorough, fast and cost-effective brand and campaign research for companies of all sizes.

The goal of commercialreview is to make the entire process from research design to data analysis as easy as possible through advanced self-service software. Any marketer can use it independently. Expensive consulting is thus unnecessary.

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How did commercialreview come about?

The idea of commercialreview came about several years ago while watching football games in college dorm rooms. Everyone had an opinion about the commercials at halftime. Do the companies behind these ads even know about these pure reactions? It's so valuable to hear what commercials, and therefore an important expression of a brand, really do in the minds and living rooms of the people you want to reach. Especially if it allows you to predict the effect of a commercial on (for example) your brand perception. And that is exactly the purpose of our platform.

Commercialreview has grown into a successful company with:

The purpose of our platform

On our platform, everyone can speak out, and together we provide feedback on advertising. A platform that enables thorough, fast and cost-effective brand and campaign research for companies of all sizes. Together, we help companies improve commercials and increase the likelihood of success so that we (the viewers) ultimately benefit: commercials that are relevant to us and not a punishment to watch. Any professional can get by with our self-service. From research design to data analysis. Expensive consulting is thus unnecessary.

Commercialreview offers a platform for this: reach your target audience easily and quickly with your commercial and gain very useful feedback! Prevention is better than cure, right?

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Who are we?

Founder and owner

Ruben Balfoort

The passion for commercials and positioning arose mainly during my studies in Business Administration and Master Marketing Management at the University of Groningen. I very much believe that great improvements can be made and that traditional market research methods should at a minimum be supplemented by contemporary techniques that can be more scalable and less expensive. I get a lot of energy from being able to help our customers with clear insights and high-quality software, without having to charge for expensive consultancy hours.

I hope that you, like me, can get a lot of enjoyment and insights from our platform.

Co-owner and technical lead

Pieter Meinema

The combination of psychology and IT particularly interests me. In 2013, I completed my master's degree in Social Psychology at the University of Groningen, where my love for data and statistics was born. Therefore, in the years that followed, I was involved a lot in software and information technology. All of this comes together at commercialreview: making marketing measurable! I enjoy listening to the customer, understanding his/her problem and writing a solution for it in software. It is my pleasure to work on this great tool for companies and (hopefully) a fun platform for reviewers.