commercialreview is a SaaS solution specializing in brand and campaign research. With our data-driven platform, you test whether your marketing expression (such as television commercial, radio commercial or outdoor advertising) is understood by your target audience. Or benchmark your marketing expression with other commercials, platforms and industries. And measure how strong your branding is to achieve brand growth. Setting up and analyzing your own research has never been so easy, quick and fun.

Brand research

Do you always want to know how your brand is doing with your target audience? How your brand is evolving? Whether you are achieving your set KPIs and what impact your campaigns are having on them? Brand research through commercialreview gives you answers to all these questions! And you always have real-time insight into the health of your brand. Analyze, optimize and strengthen your branding!

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Campaign research

Why buy consulting hours just to know the effect of your campaign? There is a much easier way! It should go without saying that every company can be sure that all their marketing expressions are having the right effect and are relevant by pre-testing and post-testing them. At commercialreview, we make this accessible to every company, because you can easily and quickly start and analyze your own campaign research yourself. We also have a large database of Dutch commercials, which makes benchmarking very possible.

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Your independent market research firm

As an online market research firm, we help marketers, managers and other professionals get the maximum return from marketing communications. Whether it's a TV commercial, radio commercial, out-of-home advertising or other marketing expression, we bring your expression to the attention of a high-quality panel of reviewers. We package the data and results in a clear dashboard.

Why you should choose commercialreview

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Maarten Post

Maarten Post

Head of Marketing & Communications HORNBACH
“For a couple of years now, we've partnered with commercialreview to gain more insight into our commercials and campaigns by testing, benchmarking and comparing them to older commercials. Thus, with the help of the data and dashboards, we get quick and clear insight into how our campaigns are rated.”
Deborah Klein

Deborah Klein

Sr. Campaign Manager Theme & Brand, Kruidvat:
“commercialreview is an accessible platform to inexpensively test our television commercial creations. The outcomes are conveniently reported in our own company dashboard.”
Luca Bade

Luca Bade

Manager Campaign Management
“commercialreview quickly gives us interesting insights into how the latest TVC compares to the market, benchmarks and – importantly – our own campaigns. The platform is very accessible, easy to read in terms of data and user friendly.”

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Do you also always have an opinion when seeing or hearing commercials and want to earn easy money for it by reviewing commercials? Become part of our panel and earn commercialcoins! Exchange these coins in our gift shop for different types of vouchers.






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Want to get more sales from your commercials? To measure is to know. We firmly believe that! Smart marketers do not make choices based on gut feelings, but on data. So have your commercials reviewed through commercialreview. Do you have questions about our methods, costs or panel? Or do you need additional advice? Please contact us.