vrouw op telefoon

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Yes. This is possible. Add additional questions yourself for €50 per question.

If you choose the brand research package, you actually kill two birds with one stone. By conducting quarterly brand surveys and testing campaigns at the same time, you'll know exactly what is impacting the set KPIs.

We offer a standard package that will add value to most companies. Want to deviate from this and conduct brand surveys more often or less often? Be sure to contact us about this, there are plenty of options. The services below are included the brand research package:


Sometimes price says something about quality; but sometimes it says something about how efficiently and smartly the service is delivered. geen With us you do not have to spend large amounts of money on time-consuming things like research design, data collection or reporting; simply because we can do it quickly and smartly. We don't believe in expensive consulting. We believe in sophisticated software that helps you draw your own conclusions about your own brand and campaigns. Should you still need additional advice, that is of course possible.

It is possible to have individual campaigns tested. The cost of campaign research cannot be compressed into one standard package. The difference is in the research methods we offer for TV commercials and for out-of-home and radio ads.

Do you have questions about market research prices? Or would you like to run a brand survey more often or less often? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to go through our options with you. Contact us